Candidly yours

I have a spectacular habit of documenting nights out with friends, which means each Sunday morning I am tasked with reviewing all text messages, phone calls, Snapchats, photos, videos, and social media posts. Generally speaking, I like to think I’m full of good ideas; however “good” becomes relative when you add a couple glasses of wine to the mix. Add a fully charged phone battery and autocorrect to aide with anything I’m tempted to post and Megatron (my drunk personality) has all the tools she needs to record the evening. Admittedly, I’ll face-palm the next day “Why did you think this was a good idea? OMG you called Mom?! What am I doing in this photo? Is that the girl who…oh dear…” Even so, I’ll keep most posts up because if nothing, at least they are candid.


The most candid ones certainly aren’t the most attractive, but they are my absolute favorite. It’s the photo where I’m laughing so hard you can hardly see my eyes, my mouth is open mid-laugh so you can see all of my teeth (thank goodness for braces). The lipstick I had so carefully applied earlier in the evening is clearly wearing off, and my hair is often an absolute mess. Reviewing these photos helps me gauge how I feel about the people around me when I leave my guard down for an evening and just let go. My tendency to document these memories makes it even easier. Scrolling through my last couple months of photos, it’s the most I’ve seen of these gaping, squinty-eyed smiles. Although it makes for slim pickings for a polished Linked In profile, these photos reveal who I can be my true, goofy self around.

I mentioned to my date the other night that I enjoy how we often match each others’ ridiculousness, as made clear by literally every crazy photo we take together. He then replied with: “well I had to, I couldn’t possibly have you looking that goofy all by yourself out in public” (he followed with a wink). How charming and considerate of him, right? Well hey, if that’s what it takes, then I’m happy to have found a partner in mutual dorkiness 🙂




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