The Spirit of a Puppy

The start of 2018 held a special kind of magic for my boyfriend’s household, as they welcomed their newest family member, Frank, the golden retriever puppy. Lucky for me, most of my work meetings in Arizona were scheduled for the week of his 20180204_110957831261008.jpghomecoming, so I had LOTS of puppy time! My frequent travel schedule isn’t quite pet-friendly, so I relish any time I get with dogs until I have the opportunity to have one of my own (a French bulldog, no doubt!)


I spent a decent amount of my free weekend in Arizona playing with Frank and relaxing at the house while my boyfriend was at work. Nathan has two dogs of his own: Vinny, a stocky black German shepherd who constantly begs for attention (but how can you resist those sweet brown eyes?!) and Bell, a rescue Queen Bee golden-something with a gimp foot. They are the chillest, sweetest dogs I’ve ever known, and we were all curious to see what the dynamic would be like with a new puppy in the house.

Bell occasionally entertained Frank by playing chase around the pool table, but Vinny remained aloof. He often sulked in the corner, jealous of the attention we were all giving the new puppy. While congregated one morning on the living room floor, we all watched as Frank instigated, jumping up at Vinny’s face only to be met with a giant paw, knocking him out of the way. We laughed while watching them play, but regardless of how many times Frank was swatted away by Vinny, he continued to rise again with tongue and tail wagging, determined to befriend a new playmate.

I raved my way into the new year with Nathan, surrounded by friends and good vibes and confident that 2018 would be special. I found a good rhythm at work, began writing almost daily, and already had several fun trips marked on the calendar. January was great as I found a routine in Chicago and started making more friends through work – but as soon as I began traveling again, any progress I had made was gone. Three consecutive work trips I had thought were sooo strategically planned instead left me exhausted; at one point, I had visited all four time zones within a 24 hour period – too much!!! Not only was it difficult being out of a routine on the road, but false leads at work and lost projects left me feeling discouraged. I would feel confident heading into another week of sales calls in a new city, armed with a set of freshly laundered clothes and samples galore, only to end the week feeling exhausted and defeated. Yet, no matter how many obstacles I encountered or leads I chased that resulted in a dead end, I kept on. Just like Frank, each obstacle was met with a positive attitude and determination. No matter how many times I was smacked down by the Vinny’s of the world and the universe, I persisted with the spirit of a puppy, tongue and tail wagging. It’s key to remain optimistic and know that despite how difficult things are in that moment, it gets better.

P.S. Frank and Vinny were spotted cuddling on the kitchen floor side by side the other day. Looks like Frank’s persistence was worth the effort, after all! Seeing as things are getting better with work, I can certainly say the same for my own. 🙂


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