Baseball and Walk-Up Songs

I grew up loving baseball.

Now I know what you’re going to say: OMG how?? Why? It’s the most boring sport EVER.

Trust me, that’s nothing original. I’m not really sure why I fell in love with the sport, but for some reason, I did. Probably because it was one of the only sports I really understood, and my mother instilled a love of the New York Yankees in me and my sister at an early age (which I rightfully claimed, considering I was born in New York)! My secondary team loyalties tend to vary according to the city I’m currently residing in (Seattle Mariners, Arizona Diamondbacks, and now the Chicago Cubs).

Yes, that’s right. I am a self-proclaimed bandwagon-er.

Sidenote: To be clear, I don’t really follow the sport…but I do love attending the games! 


I attended my first Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field last September with Nathan, and we had THE BEST time. Authentic Chicago dogs were consumed, and “W” flags sailed as the Cubs secured a win. One of the things I enjoy most about baseball games is listening and dancing along to each player’s “walk-up” song. It wasn’t long before I decided I needed, yes: a walk-up song of my own. In fact, EVERYONE needs a walk-up song of their own.

A song that gets you jazzed.

A song that will lift your spirits when you’re down.

A song that gets you SO PUMPED ABOUT LIFE and whatever it is you are about to do.

For me, that song is “Thief” by Ookay. I have never headbanged so hard to a song in my entire life. As soon as the saxophone drops just before the chorus, I can be found jumping and dancing like a wild child to the beat. I don’t find anything particularly inspiring about the lyrics, but damnnnnn does it have a fantastic beat. It’s the best while doing sprints on the treadmill (or rather, it makes sprints more tolerable) or while getting ready to go out for date night.

A few other songs I can’t go without mentioning that would fall under the category of “best walk-up songs” include:

  • “Most Girls” by Hailee Steinfeld (for girls’ night)
  • “3AM” by Matchbox Twenty (for road trips…or just driving to the grocery store)
  • “I Like Me Better” by Lauv (for those moments you’re totally in love)
  • “Feels Great” by Cheat Codes, ft. Fetty Wap & CVBZ (for when you wake up in the morning)
  • “Dirty Sexy Money” by David Guetta & Afrojack (for dancing in the shower)

Do you have a walk-up song that gets you excited about life? A song that no matter how many times you play it, you still can’t get enough?

Leave a comment below with your favorite, and subscribe for more!



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