About Me

My first hotel job was special. Not only was it an entirely new industry for me where I had to dress up for work every day, but I also had my first professional email account. I had never sent a work-related email before, and after drafting my first, I was disappointed. It was virtually perfect: brief, direct, and professional. But signing off “best” or “regards” just felt wrong. Faced with this dilemma, I consulted Randy, the chauffeur who stood next to me at the front desk.

I explained to him how my polished email, void of any colorful words or exclamation points, didn’t feel right to send because it made me sound…boring. I desperately wished to add something that showed my positive and outgoing personality, without compromising the professional nature of the message. Randy shared with me how a friend of his always signed his letters and emails with “Enthusiastically yours.” It was perfect! Immediately inspired, I decided to use it as my own, and continue to do so today.

I believe in the power of words and the weight they carry. Of course it’s not necessary to have a unique sign-off, however as frequently as email and social media are used as a means of communication, there is plenty of opportunity to leave an impression – even in a detail as small as a signature.

Ask anyone who knows me: I’m full of stories. Some relatable, most thoughtful, others unfortunate, but all of them true. This is my opportunity to leave an impression with you: it’s my chance to be honest and share what makes me laugh, what forces me to think, what encourages me to love, and what inspires me to write.

(Always) enthusiastically yours,


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