Are you running fast enough?

My interest in distance running started when I was in junior high, it was how me and my stepmom, Jane, bonded. The Lilac Bloomsday 12k run in Spokane, Washington became a family event, and I (briefly) took up track and field. I wasn't very fast, but damn some days I felt like I could run... Continue Reading →

Shower Revelations

Hey, you know that moment when you wake up and realize what your life is all about? Yeah, that happened to me in the shower. Read for more ❤

Baseball and Walk-Up Songs

I grew up loving baseball. Now I know what you're going to say: OMG how?? Why? It's the most boring sport EVER. Trust me, that's nothing original. I'm not really sure why I fell in love with the sport, but for some reason, I did. Probably because it was one of the only sports I really... Continue Reading →

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