Are you running fast enough?

My interest in distance running started when I was in junior high, it was how me and my stepmom, Jane, bonded. The Lilac Bloomsday 12k run in Spokane, Washington became a family event, and I (briefly) took up track and field. I wasn't very fast, but damn some days I felt like I could run... Continue Reading →

Redefining “Work”

Lately I've been struggling define my Passion Project as "work" because it doesn't FEEL like work. It's something I actually ENJOY doing. Soooo instead of inventing another word, why don't we just redefine "work"? #passion #pursuit

Shower Revelations

Hey, you know that moment when you wake up and realize what your life is all about? Yeah, that happened to me in the shower. Read for more ❤

The Bummer About Bailing

Bailing....something no one really talks about, but we are all familiar with. Sharing a couple little experiences of mine in hopes that we can start a conversation about friendships and respecting time ❤

Baseball and Walk-Up Songs

I grew up loving baseball. Now I know what you're going to say: OMG how?? Why? It's the most boring sport EVER. Trust me, that's nothing original. I'm not really sure why I fell in love with the sport, but for some reason, I did. Probably because it was one of the only sports I really... Continue Reading →

The Miles Between Us: Why This Is a Good Thing

The first conversation Nathan and I had about me moving to Chicago went a little something like this: Sobbing and muttering drunk nonsense at a bar in Miami, on a Monday: "Nathan, I think I'm moving to Chicago." Taken aback, at his home in Mesa: "What are you doing this Friday? You're free? Great, I'll... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of a Puppy

The start of 2018 held a special kind of magic for my boyfriend's household, as they welcomed their newest family member, Frank, the golden retriever puppy. Lucky for me, most of my work meetings in Arizona were scheduled for the week of his homecoming, so I had LOTS of puppy time! My frequent travel schedule isn't quite pet-friendly, so I... Continue Reading →

My Travel Identity

Within my first six months of this new career, I've visited virtually every corner of the Untied States and traveled 35,000 miles, which translates to a lot of time sitting on airplanes, and even more time in airports waiting for flights. By my own fault, I once spent 7 hours overnight at LAX trying to... Continue Reading →

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